Support the new album out now from Connecticut based artist, Jahan Nostra, “ESP” featuring 15 tracks of real hip hop. Guest appearences from Smiff n Wesson, Tone Trump, Omar Wilson, Ray Vega, & more! Track 5 “Whole Life (Cruising)” Featuring Groove U, Cindy Rose, Groove U Kids, & Tone Trump produced by B. Dvine!

“ESP” is available on

Check out the featured videos from the album below:

The official music video for Jahan Nostra featuring soul singer Omar Wilson. “Living Your Life” is the second music video from Jahan Nostra’s album “ESP”.

Video directed by Ken Keeler Jr, shot in Brooklyn, NY and Mount Vernon, NY. Partially shot in front of a mural by graffiti artist Vers.

Cameos in the video by jazz saxophonist Eric Wyatt as well as the founder of Inshallah Clothing.

Debut single “Welcome Home (The Return)” from Jahan Nostra’s “ESP” album. 

Featuring boxers from Revolution Fitness gym.

Directed by Shane McLellan for Shane Films

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